Pokemon GO Trading, Trainer Battles and Gen II Release Dates

Pokemon GO Trading, Trainer Battles and Gen II Release Dates: Pokemon Go had a huge success with the launch of it, and every single person was desperate to try this new game.They were crazily obsessed with it, and you can tell it by the rush in all the public places for catching the Pokemon go. It was all over the social media. You could read the trolls, news and gifts of it all over the social media websites.

Pokemon GO Trading, Trainer Battles and Gen II Release Dates

But soon it lost it colors; it became so monotonous that people stopped playing it. Now you will rarely see anything related to on any social media website. And so to regain its color Niantic, the company which has developed this game came forward with these three new features which can get it to the fame again.

In this article, you will get to know about these three new features and also, its release dates.

Niantic desperately needs some significant changes or maybe some new additional features which will keep the thrill of the game alive and let people be as crazy for it as they were before.

So, keeping everything in mind Niantic has indeed added these three new features which will probably make the game more successful. 

  • Pokemon Go Trading, which will be most likely added in October 2016.
  • Pokemon Go Trainer Battles, most likely going to be added in someday between December 2016 to January 2017.
  • Pokemon Go Gen II is probably going to be added in May 2017.

Note that these are not official dates. These are just expected dates of the launch of new features.

Pokemon Go Trading releases in October 2016

Niantic has decided to add this feature so that people can enjoy the game and this feature of trading the Pokemon as you know that you cannot have a Pokemon of your choice in this game. You need to catch Pokemon which is near to your location, and then you also have to walk miles to hatch the eggs. So, adding this feature will make people joyful.

But we are pretty much sure that Niantic will only allow us to trade our Pokemon with trainers who all near us. Well, maybe they will alter this feature later but at least in the first version, they will keep it this way only. There is this two possible version of implementing a trading system which is:

  • the first one I.e. Optimistically in which apps will perform the trade and is asynchronous too.
  • The second one, Pessimistically in which the backend infrastructure will trade the Pokemon, not the app and also it is synchronous.

Most probably Niantic will go with the second one as it is the most safer and more convincing. Developing this feature, 2testing it and then deploying is near to impossible in just two months. It needs a bit more time than two months so we won’t be having this feature in the Pokemon Go anywhere before October.

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles is going to be released in between December 2016 and January 2017

Trainer battles are far more complicated than Trading systems, and hence it will take a lot longer than two months for developing this feature. Well, professionals say that it will take around 4 to 5 months to develop a feature like this, then test it and finally deploy it and so we assume that this feature will be updated in Pokemon Go somewhere in between December 2016 and January 2017.

  • First Four weeks to completely develop this game which will include product discussion and validation and then technical proofs
  • Another four weeks to test the game rightly and improve the game.
  • Next four weeks for the regression testing and testing for the user acceptance of the game.

It is assumed that trainers will only be able to fight with the other local trainers who are nearby. Only allowing fighting with the nearby trainers will reduce the serving load a lot. It will also change the whole view of this game socially and emotionally too.

You will be forced to meet all your opponents face to face to fight and through this, you can have a small get together with all the known people who could be very ideal in a season like a winter where you don’t want to get up even from your couch.

Pokemon Go Gen II is going to be released somewhere in May 2017

This one is the most complex and need a lot of time. It won’t just include some baby Pokemon or new Pokemon but a whole lot of new changes which will ultimately transform the game.

The new changes and features which are expected to be in the Pokemon Gen II are:

  • A brand new collection of 100 Pokemon.
  • Some baby Pokemon will also be included.
  • Also, there will be the addition of 86 new moves.
  • Addition of some new improved mechanisms for PokeBalls and PokeStops.
  • There will also be some divergent evolution and most probably you will have some brand new Evolution Stones.

Winters are arriving soon, and people don’t fancy going out in the fields to play Pokemon Go for capturing Pokemon and hatching the eggs in the cold weather. That is the reason why Niantic needed a change in the game and had to add new features to keep the game interesting.

The last update will be in summer 2017 when people can enjoy catching Pokemon and hatching eggs again. So, yeah all these facts support the release date of the new features.

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