Pokemon Go Spawn Locations

Pokemon GO Spawn Locations help you find Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Welcome to complete guide for catching Pokemon GO by its Spawn Locations. You must be knowing that the environmental factors affect the Pokemon spawn rate, in specific climate and area, it plays the major role.

Let’s say you want to spawn a water pokemon, for that it needs the presence of a water body such as lake, river etc because it has a very high spawn rate for water type Pokemon and if you want a ghost Pokemon then you need to find it at night as the spawn rate for ghost type pokemon is very high during night.

But before heading on to catching the Pokemon and understanding the concept behind higher pokemon go spawn rates at some places lets first know the simple tips and tricks which will fetch you more Pokemon.

Simple tips and tricks for catching Pokemon:

There are these 3 subsections which are basically the tips and tricks of finding more Pokemon in Pokemon Go. So, let’s start with the very first one.

Pokemon GO Spawn Locations

Pokemon GO Spawn Locations

How to find and catch rare Pokemon?

  • The popularity of the location: If you are visiting a popular place for catching pokemon or a place which is very frequently visited by the Pokemon Go players or a place which has a huge crowd, then the spawn rate of the Pokemon will become very high.
  • Trainer Level: You will be able to get into the higher level and manage to find a lot of rarer Pokemon once you attain higher trainer level. This simply conveys that after attaining higher trainer level you will be able to catch Pokemon with higher Cp and also all the other Pokemon which you couldn’t catch previously.
  • Time and Location: If you are specifically looking for a particular kind of Pokemon then it could become very difficult. But you must know that you can still increase the chance or the spawn rate of some specific Pokemon at some specific places and at a certain time. You will get to know more this by the end of this article so keep reading forward.

How to increase the chance of catching a Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

  • The advice for this comes straight from Niantic, Inc. they say that if you want to catch the pokemon via Pokeball then you need to wait until you see the inner ring of the circle come to minimum size. If you are able to see some orange and red rings then the catch will be a successful one, the chances of catching the pokemon will be higher. you will need his tip especially for capturing all the rare Pokemon via Master and Great balls.
  • If you will Spin your Pokeball then you will increase the chances of a successful catch: If you spin your Pokeball instead of throwing it straight to the pokemon, the chances of a successful catch will be maximum and rarely any Pokemon will escape that catch.
  • If you will turn off the AR then the catch rate for Pokemon will be higher: It is found that if you continue using the AR function of Pokemon Go then there are very high chances of jittering of the wild Pokemon around which will make it very difficult to catch the Pokemon. If you turn off the AP then it will help in keeping the Pokemon comparatively still and the rate of the successful catch will be higher.

How to catch Pokemon on the basis of Pawprints?

You will find a small Pokemon list at the very lower right-hand side of the screen. The list is about all the Pokemon which are available to catch near you. You will see some pawprints there, these signify the distance you need to travel to get to the pokemon and catch it.

  • 3 paws will signify you have to travel 150 m approximately,
  • 2 signifies 100 m
  • one signifies 50 m
  • 0 paws mean that the pokemon is within capturing range

What are the right places to catch a lot of Pokemon in pokemon Go?

The developers of Pokemon Go I.e. Niantic, Inc. have suggested all the pokemon go players to visit any famous public places as there are very high chances that you will get a lot of Pokemon there. These famous public places could be anything such as parks (especially parks which have pokestop in it).

If you would be able to find a park with a pokestop in it and if it is lit up with a Lure Modulus then there you can find ample of Pokemon to catch them via pokeballs. Also, it will help in increasing the spawn rate of the Pokemon, obviously it will depend on the area though.

Pokemon Go Spawn Locations

Do Incense and Lure Modules Stack?

Well, I believe that they don’t exactly stack as much as they have spawned their very own Pokemon. Rather they work as one. You must have already seen that all the Lured Poken at various tops have various colors which are beneath them whereas incense Pokemon as a trainer have the same pink clouds circled them.

This conveys that there are not exactly stacking instead they are working on their own and at the same time. Also, if they both are working at the same time then you will notice that the amount of the spawned Pokemon are a lot higher than when they work alone, so for more Pokemon Spawns they need to work together at the same time.

Pokemon Go Spawn Locations

In this section, you will get to know about the ideal location to find and catch a different kind of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Spawn Location for Grass Pokemon

Which all Pokemon falls under the category of Grass Pokemon? There are in total 14 Pokemon which falls under the category of Grass Pokemon and here is the list of these 14 Pokemon.

  • Parasect
  • Tangela
  • Vileplume
  • Bulbasaur
  • Ivysaur
  • Oddish
  • Weepinbell
  • Gloom
  • Exeggcute
  • Venusaur
  • Paras
  • Exeggutor
  • Victreebel
  • Bellsprout

Where can we catch Grass Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

You can find this type of Pokemon in places which have grass in it. It could be anything such as public parks, zoo, golf courses etc but it could be relatively difficult for city people to find this kind of pokemon near them who doesn’t have access to parks in their neighbor or any such places.

Tips on how to get grass type Pokemon:

You will find most of the grass type Pokemon in the parks but you can also get a lot of grass type pokemon from the egg hatching by walking.

Where can we find Grass Pokemon?

Pokemon Go Spawn Location for Psychic Pokemon: Which all Pokemon falls under the category of Psychic Pokemon?

There are in total 14 Pokemon which falls under the category of Grass Pokemon and here is the list of these 14 Pokemon.

  • Slowbrow Jynx
  • Kadabra
  • Drowzee
  • Abra
  • Mr. Mime
  • Exeggcute
  • Mewtwo
  • Hypno
  • Alakazam
  • Mew
  • Slowpoke
  • Exeggutor

Pokemon Go Spawn Location for Electric Pokemon

Which all Pokemon falls under the category of Electric Pokemon?

There are in total 9 Pokemon which falls under the category of Grass Pokemon.


Where can we catch Electric Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

People are crazy over this type of Pokemon because it has Pikachu in it as it is everyone’s favorite. You can very easily find it places like universities, schools, coaching centers and colleges. Although these places are the ideal places for Electic Pokemon but you can still find them in residential and highly dense areas.

Tips on how to get Electric-type Pokemon:

You will be able to find them easily anywhere but if Eevee evolve into Jolteon which is a very rare scenario, then you would get a very strong, you can say legendary electric type pokemon.

Where can we find Electric Pokemon?

The ideal locations for the Grass Pokemon Go Spawning are listed below. These are the confirmed ones.

College Campus
Industrial Parks
Commercial places like Shopping Districts, food court etc.

Pokemon Go Spawn Location for Fire Pokemon

Which all Pokemon falls under the category of Fire Pokemon?

There are in total 12 Pokemon which falls under the category of Grass Pokemon.


Please note that there are some legendary Pokemon in this game which you cannot catch at any cost in the wild and Moltres is one of the legendary Pokemon.

Where can we catch Fire Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Catching a Fire Pokemon is kind of easy because if doesn’t depend on very special places, even residential areas like you own neighborhood works absolutely fine, you will be able to get a lot of them there without much difficulty. Although you can find Fire Pokemon anywhere but still the Spawn rate of Fire Pokemon is relatively higher in dry or arid and warmer climates.

Tips on how to get Fire-type Pokemon:

If you can evolve Eevee into Flareon then it is not a bad choice itself, you must go for it because then you will be having a very strong type of Fire Pokemon. Flareon is considered as one of the most strongest type of Fire Pokemon which per level give a 37 CP gain.

Where can we find Fire Pokemon?

The ideal locations for the Grass Pokemon Go Spawning are listed below. These are the ones which have been confirmed.

  • Cities
  • Parks
  • Residential
  • Beach
  • Warmer Climate
  • Neighborhoods
  • Dry or Arid Climate

Now these are the one which are not confirmed but people do find some Fire type Pokemon in these places occasionally. So, here is the list of them.

  • Gas Stations
  • Parking Lots

Where Are Some Pokemon Go Spawn Locations?

Pokemon GO Spawn Locations

Every pokemon has a chance rate to spawn anywhere, Below we list general spawn rate chance for each pokemon no matter where you are.

Pokemon Go Spawn Locations

Where Do I Catch Legendary Pokemon Go Pokemon?

At the current moment there are no Pokemon Go Spawn locations for legendary Pokemon, so you can’t. Niantic will likely enable players to catch Legendary Pokemon in the future as the game continues to grow.

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