Pokemon Go in India Download, Release Date on iOS, Android

Pokemon Go in India to be launched anytime soon after the launch in Europe, US, Australia & New Zealand. The game is only officially launched a7 available to download in Australia, New Zealand, US, and recently, UK and Germany. Once the game is launched in India you can download on iPhone & Android 4.4

Pokemon Go in India Download, Release Date on iOS, Android

Fortyseven ceommunications who is managing development work for Niantic Inc. has said don’t expect the game in your country so soon.

“The team is currently heads down working on the game. We do not have any announced plans for countries beyond New Zealand, Australia, US and Germany at the moment,” wrote Chris Kramer, Vice President of forty-seven communications in an email to IGN Asia.

According to the company there are no fixed dates plans about the launch of the game in any country. It can be launched anytime soon. Pokemon Go India release date is not confirmed by Chris Kramer, Vice President of forty-seven communications Asia.

How to Play Pokemon Go in India?

This is the first smartphone game by Nintendo. If you are waiting the Pokemon Go Game to play in India then don’t go anywhere we have the guide to play Pokemon Go in India.

How To Download Pokemon Go Game in India:

  • Go to iTunes Store or Android Play Store & Create the US account.
  • Then you can download the game by changing your Smartphone Region to US, Uk, Australia or Germany.

Now you have the game so lets start & play.

Go to outside of your Home or Office. As you will rarely see any Pokemon inside the premises. Remember to connect to the Internet to find the Pokemon.

Go outside, Plug your earphone/headphone, see your phone as you will start seeing Pokemon Gyms, Pokestops, and of course wild Pokemon.

Don’t try to play on Roads in India:

As you know how dangerous are Indian roads. So don’t do the mistake of playing Pokemon Go on Indian roads. The game requires you to keep looking at the phone for signs of Pokemon and other in-game landmarks.

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