Pokemon Go in Germany Download

Pokemon Go in Germany Download: Pokemon Go the recently made one of the most popular real-time game launched by Nintendo inc is also available to download in Germany. After the first launch in the US, Australia & New Zealand, Pokemon Go is now ready to be launched across Europe. The Germany launch is confirmed by the official account of twitter of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go in Germany Download

An earlier report stated that Pokemon Go will launch in the UK and all countries in Europe in some days. Germany is the first country in Europe to see this game. The game also launched in the UK just after Germany. You can find the game in Germany iTunes store & Play Store.

Pokemon Go in Germany Download:

Pokemon Go tweeted about the launch of the game in Germany and also urge people to follow their twitter handle to get the latest updates on Pokemon Go and launch in their respective country. Right now, the game is officially available in United States, Australia, Germany, UK and New Zealand.

Although you can download the Pokemon Go Apk to play the game in your country irrespective of Pokemon Go is available there or not. You can use US iTunes store account to download the game in your country.

People who are facing difficulties in downloading the game need no hassle now as the developers are launching the game in all countries slowly.

Pokemon Go has become the huge success in a week after launch. It topped the App Store Charts of iTunes & Play Store. The game is making $1.5 million a day from in App purchases.

Pokémon GO is available as a free download in the App Store in several countries, with more regions coming on board soon.

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