15 Pokemon Go Cheats, Tips & Tricks to catch Pokemon

15 Pokemon Go Cheats, Tips & Tricks and be the best trainer:  Pokémon Go, the most famous and most talked topic among everyone. This game released by The Nintendo Company on 6th of July as the initial launch only in few countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, and some parts of Europe (UK, Germany). The game is further planned to be released in other countries soon. Till now the game has broken almost every record of the gaming market. It has hit 8 million downloads till now, and still counting.

Pokemon Go Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Instead of it not being released in India, many users have downloaded the ‘Pokemon Go Apk‘ File from the Internet and are playing on their devices. Since the world has become crazy about this game so here, I will be giving you some tips and cheats about this game to level up quickly and beat your friend’s score because if you want to be best, you have to know how to play with the best. So are you ready? Let’s go!

Pokemon Go Cheats & Tips-Tricks

Finding & Catching Pokemon:

1. Visit parks with multiple PokeStops

Although you can find Pokémon anywhere randomly, to increase your chances of finding a lot of them quickly visit a populated area. Or go to parks (with good water body), for ultimate Pokémon catching experience.

2. Always hunt in pairs

If there is a Pokémon, it is for everyone out there. So hunting in pairs increases the chance of finding them soon because you can cover a lot of areas quickly.

3. Hunt at night (but be safe)

Hunting in the night with your friends in a small group to find some rare Pokémon that you won’t find in daytime. But be cautious, and always take safety precautions to not get robbed or stabbed.

4. Use your radar ring to discover Pokémon

Every time a glowing ring encloses your avatar, this ring works as radar for your avatar. This is what determines whether you are close enough to a Pokémon Gym or a PokeStop. If you tracked a Pokémon in your vicinity, standing there for sometimes will bring the Pokémon out, so that you can easily catch it without jumping here and there and getting you hurt.

5. For random Pokémon spawns, look for moving leaves

Sometimes the fluttering leaves indicate some rare Pokémon, but it is not a guarantee. So don’t waste your time following those fluttering leaves. Instead, follow them elsewhere.

6. Try parking lots to find more Pokemon

There is an excellent probability to find Pokemon near the parking lots, especially which are very close to some PokeStops.

7. Turn off AR mode, during hunting for Pokemon

Its pretty cool to use Ar mode to catch them, but on the other hand, it becomes much difficult to hunt them, and also it drains a lot of battery from your phone. So use carefully.

8. To increase your chances of getting bonus

  • Nice 10XP bonus, throw the ball when the circle is smallest, and attempt to land the ball straight on Pokemon’s head.
  • Great 50XP bonus, you need to toss the ball when the circle is two sizes away from its biggest size, and land square in the centre of the circle.
  • Excellent 100XP bonus, you need to catch the Pokemon in the direct middle of the circle when at its smallest.
  • Curveball 10XP bonus, you can spin the PokeBall clockwise or anti-clockwise direction until it starts vibrating, then toss it towards Pokemon.

9. Tap erroneously-thrown balls to try and recover them

If you have tossed your ball in the weeds accidently away from your Pokemon, then touch on the ball midway, and there are roughly 50% chances that the ball will come back in your collection. So it’s a neat trick to avoid wastage of PokeBalls.

10. If your game crashes when catching a Pokemon, try reopening the app

Some times the Niantic’s servers are too busy, and this might cause your phone to stop for minutes motionless. So don’t panic, force close the app and try re-opening it. After that either the Pokemon that you were catching will be in your collection, or waiting for you to catch.

11. Play during off hours

Try to play in the off hours of the day. You can play the game early in the morning, or late in the evening, it is more fun to play during off hours time.

12. Drop lures at bars or shops if you don’t want to hunt

You can find some rare Pokemon by attaching Lures to your local coffee shop or bar and just sitting there and waiting for them.

13. When evolving creatures, choose the higher CP creatures

If you want to evolve your Pokemon before personally need to level up as a trainer, use a higher CP creature. It will make them more powerful.

14. Trying to get your eggs hatch? Move it around your room

If you don’t want to run that far to get your egg hatch, move your phone on your table, it will make an illusion that you are moving, and your egg will hatch.

15. Add Pokemon of different types to a friendly gym

Make sure you vary up what kind of Pokemon you are adding.

So, we are done with some useful Pokemon catching Cheats & tips. If you follow all these tips carefully, I am sure that you will do more things in a quick time. So, all the best. You can share your Pokemon Go Tips & tricks in comments below.

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