Pokemon GO Captcha update – Fighting bots, MitM abusers and trackers – good ol’ captcha

Here’s bad news that comes along with the latest update of the game from Niantic Labs that surprisingly fights all the bots and hackers. The update added for fighting bots, MitM hackers; Hackers was spelled by officials as right or’ captcha. Under this, the officials keep an eye on all the players, and as soon as noticed anomalous behavior, the trainer screen displays a simple CAPTCHA.

Pokemon GO Captcha update:

Pokemon GO Captcha update

The impressive line shown during request permission for updating the game turns out to be in typical Niantic Labs style statement. The line shows “Minor bot fixes” which seems to taunt the bots in a tiny and ignoring sound.

Another point to be kept in mind is that it is not known yet about the response of bots or hackers after this update. Even the company officials are not out with the reports after such captcha service, stating whether the new update proved to be effective or is just a hoe.

As known, trainers complain increased with the growth in some bot or other abnormal players. Unfortunately, there isn’t any response from the bot users which states that work is on progress to fight this update.

Not only the bad news for bot and hackers stops here, but there is also something more challenged by Niantic Labs. Niantic Labs have changed official API encryption which was known as “Unknown 6”.

What an interesting news here comes with this change is that last time when such encryption was changed, it took just two days for the hackers to decode the encryption. Now it would be interesting to find out how much time this new API takes to decode.

In case a trainer is found to move fast in a Map than a usual speed “Man in the Middle” is a method that abuses bots and gets them a snap of captcha. With this new service to fight bots its hand in hand with the Google’s reCaptcha at last.

It seems a much tougher task, this time, to fight against Captcha technique since it uses actions performed before; during and after selecting I am not a Robot mark.

In case an unusual pattern is detected, the user is restricted to enter the gaming area. For cases where botting is not directly detected, Captcha will switch to a frizzy letter image, making it even more complicated and dodge.

It’s clear with such update that the company stuck to its statement that warned hackers to enjoy the game until the new security measures come to market. It is yet to see how much time does this service helps the company to prevent their site from such ethical users.

It is expected that all 3rd party apps will stop working once the update enters the market, seems highly unlikely to once again fix the mew security measure.

Another voice of people that company has heard after disappointed reviews from people about disappointing speed for hatching eggs proves the company doesn’t want to release its players free and give them optimum gaming experience without interference from hacks and bots.

It is still unknown to market about such security update which is yet to be released. Once the app is updated, guess it would be a massive screech for the bot users.

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