PokeLock App – Lock your phone screen while playing Pokemon GO

We are not affiliated by this app to promote it. PokeLock is an app made especially for Pokemon Go users to lock their phone screen while playing Pokemon Go without closing the game. Most of the users are asking for this solution and it is here.

PokeLock App

PokeLock App Android

How PokeLock is amazing?

While we hatch eggs and run to catch the Pokemon we don’t want to the turn on our screen. It doesn’t matter if you have kept the phone in front or back pocket it never used.

It enables you to lock the screen from use. It’s not a deep system lock. You can unlock the screen with double tapping or by entering a lock pattern if you have opted for this.

The app is crowded with ads and but for the feature, it is made, it is working amazingly.

Here’s a quick feature list:

  • Double or Triple Tap to unlock
  • Recognize running apps and auto lock the screen
  • Pattern Lock
  • Transparent Lock if you don’t like the black overlay
  • Shake to unlock, Power button to unlock, Remove lock on phone call etc…

We are testing this app and will update you about more features and bugs we come across. Till then if you don’t want to be disturbed with the home screen and then just download this app. Currently, this app is available for Android users only.

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